Blue Chef


In developing the new Bluechef QR3.5, ROBOQBO wanted to bring new opportunities for chefs into the foodservice industry.


The QR3.5 surprisingly manages to combine all the advantages of a cutter blender, therefore liquidizer, and innovative cooking mixer function. Basically, you can use the equipment as a perfect homogenizer capable of liquidising and refining cooked or raw food in any condition, both with or without liquids. One of the main features of the QR3.5, is it adapts too many uses. You can use any function, even combining them, in a rapid and intuitive manner.


tbcUse for simple chopping, an emulsion, dough, cold cream, liquid or extremely dense baby food. It's very fast as is integration of the cooking function while controlling the temperature of the food directly during use.


Its features make work easier while ensuring absolute serving hygiene and it is extremely easy to wash and clean. Each surface was designed to be washed without having areas where food residue can collect. The bowl is removable and can be placed in a dishwasher in any condition, as well as the transparent lid and the scraper unit. Even the surface on which the bowl rests is extremely flat and each line follows the Bluechef philosophy.


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